Monday, March 14, 2016

Suns Out Buns Out...10 Things I've Learned About Potty Training

Hello again! H here and just wanted to share some interesting facts I have learned about potty training while working with L & B. Definitely a 2 steps forward 1 step back process! Huge shout out to the kids' daycare who have been allowing us to send those little walking messes to school in underwear from day 1. They deserve 90% of the credit for our successes (I think that you know where the failures probably lie).

Be forewarned....there will be lots of references to #1 and #2. This will not be a sophisticated, well-vocabed post. The word poop is used 47 times. Not for the faint of stomach. Turn back now if needed! 

Here it is!

1. Boys will be boys.... these days I can't turn my back for 10 seconds without turning back to discover L 'watering the lawn'. Seems great, until you are in a park along side a highway. I just stood in a strategic spot that shielded him from as much traffic as possible. "Oh, hi neighbors!"

2. I estimate 78% of my at home time is now spent in a bathroom. I have taken to multitasking so if you receive a text from me, I just might be sitting on a stool waiting for the 'magic' to happen (who knows...I could be in a bathroom right now.....). This leads me to #3.

3. Apparently going to the bathroom is a group activity. I think my kids must follow the tree-falls-in-the-woods philosophy, if I'm not there to see it, then it doesn't exist. Never been so excited to see a 'log' drop in my life. "Mom, get in here!"

4. Little boy tip: sit them backwards on a grown up sized toilet...this has saved me an estimate of 387 hours of clean up time.
Image result for toiletImage result for no scrubbing floors

5. My kids lie.... "Did you poop?"  "No." "Then what is that laying on the ground?"  

6. Bathtub peeing is the best. L purposely holds it so he can pee in the bathtub. Gross? Yes. Do I allow it? Hey, I never claimed I was going for a mom of the year award. In my defense I do remind him 'Just don't pee on your brother'. That's got to count for something.

7. Bathtub pooping is NOT the best. Luckily this very rarely happens in my house. But, a couple days ago B was taking a shower and I noticed 'something' clogging the drain. I said, "Oh no, is that poop?" He notices it, screams, and runs to the other end of the tub. Um, why the surprise? You made it. #doody!  (This is the 2nd time I've told a story like this on this blog...I hope you are impressed with the maturity of content I am providing you.)
Image result for snicker bar in pool

8. They lie (did I mention that already?). Do not believe them when they say "But I'm potty trained, I can wear undies to bed" and than pee in your brand new bed that you don't even have a liner for yet. Not that I'm bitter.  

9. Buy LOTS of undies!!!! We are constantly on the last pair, it's like they can sense it "there are more clean underwear in this house, I must pee in it!"  Also, I got each boy a clearly different style and that helps a TON when sorting laundry.

10.Which reminds me.... Laundry. Minimum one load per day...minimum. And I'm ignoring the fact that almost all of my clothes have now been washed with pee or poop. Well, I was ignoring it and now I'm thinking about it. I might have to go shopping. For cleanliness purposes only of course. When does my next Stitchfix arrive?

Well people, there you have my 10 totally useless tips on potty training. When you see me next you can thank me, hope I'm wearing new clothes, or notice I am strategically blocking a bare butt.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dinnertime improvements!

I’m back in the blogging world…. New Year’s Resolution #205 was to get back to blogging and only 3 months later…here I am!
Today I’m going to talk about my newest obsession, Wildtree®!   

This company has struck a chord with me as my little pal L has a nut allergy and this company caters to a wide variety of dietary restrictions (if needed). I joined the company as a representative so that I can save money, time and energy when meal prepping for my family without having to worry about L’s allergy. I love that I can order a pack that will include a grocery list and all items needed to make 10 freezer meals in one sitting, and that they have kid friendly (and Mr. M approved) options that they will actually eat.
This last week I tried my hand with my first Freezer Meal Workshop (put on by another rep).
Step 1: Buy and prep meat and veggies

Step 2: Get together, possibly have a glass of wine (don’t want to get dehydrated!), and add the Wildtree products to the freezer bags

Step 3: Defrost and eat as needed

How easy is that!! So far I have been more than impressed with the deliciousness factor and more importantly so has my family. The boys had eaten every bite of their meat (and sometimes even veggies) and Mr. M is actually looking hopeful when he sits down at the dinner table.

Now I have more time to help my little men get out of (and into) messes. (See Below)

*Shameless plug: If you are interested in giving it a try—here is a link to my website =)