Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall weekend adventure!

*This post is my shameless plug for our local pumpkin patch in attempts to lure friends and family to come down this fall and join us, so bear with me and my gushing =)

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit Pinter’s Pumpkin Patch, a local pumpkin patch, corn maze, and so much more!!! We decided to head over for a couple hours to tire the boys out before naptime (which is ALWAYS a challenge for us on weekends—does this happen to anyone else?)

Here is my juicy insider tip! Visit in the morning; we arrived as they were opening and just as we were leaving at noon it was just starting to get busy.

Our highlights? I knew you would ask!
Jumping pillow (H’s pick)—This is where our early arrival really paid off! The boys had SO much fun bouncing and running on this but can’t hang once their dad the older kids get this thing hopping. Another bonus-moms are allowed on it too…and I love a good trampoline.
Corn box (B’s pick)The boys had a blast crawling around filling up buckets and even found an innocent bystander to bury. 
Mr. M was intrigued with how much less messy the corn box was than our sandbox at home. I could see wheels turning and am a little scared what might come of this. Anyone that knows Mr. M knows about his ‘invention’ ideas.

Big slides (L’s pick)L told me he wanted to ‘slide and slide and slide’ and could have played here all day. Mr. M and I had to sample the slides (for safety purposes of course) and found them pretty fun ourselves! And I have to say watching little smiling faces going down the tubes were some of my favorite moments of the day.

Pedal Go Karts (Mr M’s pick)L and B each took a turn with mom and dad and had so much fun getting to steer while we did all the dirty work pedaling! A good workout and a lot of fun.

We also visited the animal farm saying hello to some turkeys, chickens and goats (B does the CUTEST goat impression); rolled ourselves in tubes; tried out the ball zone; explored through the tire maze; and wrapped it up with a grain cart ride.

Needless to say—3 of the 4 of us were in full snooze by the time we got home for naps (don’t worry, the 4th was the driver!). 

Season passes were obtained and we will definitely be back for more!! Mr. M said if they would install a beer truck and TV he’d be the first to arrive and last to leave every Sunday. I tend to agree, I don’t see a problem with an ‘adult cider’ option =)

On our agenda for next time? I knew you’d ask!
--Snack shack (did I mention Pinter’s makes the world’s best cupcakes?)
--Corn maze
--Wagon ride to the pumpkin patch
--‘Wiggleville’ (doesn’t that just sound fun?)
--Duck races
--Pumpkin cannon (this is obviously #1 on Mr. M’s list for next time)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Sunday Drive

Last weekend my parents took the boys and I on what was one of my favorite family traditions: the Sunday Drive.

L and my dad (Big Q) started the day with a trip to a Swap Meet and we hit the road. Best part? My mom packed everything! I should elaborate:
My mother is a savant in the art of packing….she has everything you could ever think of. Fingernail clipper? Has it. Sewing kit? Of course. Plug in for any electronic device ever made? Duh. AND the ever present necessity: the wet washcloth. My sister, D, and I joke that when we are packing to go anywhere we follow the mantra "WWDD: What Would D (mom) Do" because she thinks of EVERYTHING! #WWDD #WetWashclothMemories
First Stop: Quick stop at my cousin’s house to drop off a couple things. B took the opportunity during the 5 minute stop to get out and roll around in their sandbox. He would have been fine ending the trip right here as there was a park next door, a dog down the street, a sandbox, AND chickens….a 1 ½ year old's dream! Alas, it was soon time to head to our next location so after we (mostly) cleaned him up, we were back on track.

Second Stop: Starks Liquor Store. I know, an obvious choice for a trip with two little boys =)  But we were able to put together a craft beer sampler and pick up some of their delicious cheese curds so everyone left with a treat.

Third Stop: Walked across the street to the ‘world famous’ Pete’s Hamburger Stand. World Famous = Big Q watched a special on them on the Travel Channel so we had to try it. The boys enjoyed watching them boil the burgers and walking through the boat store next door.
Hanging with grandpa....
Fourth Stop: Took a ‘short cut’ to Pikes Peak (I think the quotation marks indicate how short this cut ended up being). Had a picnic, played in the park, and walked down to Veil Falls. L LOVED counting all of the steps on the way up and down. He can currently count to ‘twenty-thirty’ (thirty) and only skips one or two numbers in between. I know every parent thinks their child is a genius, but mine actually is. #saideverymomever
Child genius...

On our way to the falls

Fifth Stop: Phelps Park, Decorah. We had ice cream and than played in the park. L was so happy because they have three parks (play areas). By the end, Grandma, Grandpa, B, and mom were tired with bellyaches and L could have stayed another 3 hours.

Sixth Stop: Home. Clothes went directly into the washing machine, bodies went directly into the bath, and moms went directly into the couch.

L is still talking about the trip and it now ranks up there with Grandma’s house and the Waterpark as his favorite places to go. Those are some high praises my friends.

Sappyness alert! Those with weak stomachs read at your own risk:  Days like this make me so grateful our kids have all four grandparents that are always there to step in and lend a hand or make a memory =)  Family is the best!