Saturday, July 4, 2015

H's race day recap--a very different story....

In honor of D's beautiful pre and post-MedCity recaps I thought I would walk you through a couple weeks ago when the kiddos and I ran the Cresco 10k. First just want to give a big shout out to the CFC for putting together a really well organized and fun race...also thank you for the photo documentation!

7:00am Decide to run the 10k 

7:30am Arrive to register with enough snacks and toys in the stroller to camp for a week. As soon as we pull in L (freshly potty trained) announces 'I Poot', which means we need to get to a bathroom ASAP. Everyone knows how important the pre-race 'Poot' is so I'm pretty impressed that L has mastered that skill so early in his running career.

7:40am The kids are out of the stroller running around like wild animals. Everyone comments on how cute they are while discretely moving away.

7:59am They announce the race will start in one minute. The race hasn't even started and I am sweating profusely from wrangling the kids into the stroller. Everyone is fortified with drinks, snacks, books, and stuffed animals--the stroller is getting a little crowded.

8:00am The race begins! WOW these kids are heavy.
We're off!!!

Mile 1: L plows through his entire supply of cherrios, starts trying to steal B's, first fight ensues.

Mile 2: I THOUGHT IOWA WAS FLAT--I was wrong.
Realize that B's binky was dropped sometime in mile 1--he is inconsoleable, also L won't stop touching him.

Mile 3: Pull out emergency back-up snacks for L, he eats half the container, says yucky and throws the rest at B.

Turnaround! Hurray!!!!!! I am smiling--both children are crying: L is mad we aren't going to grandma's house, B is still mourning the binky. 

'He's touching me!'
Mile 4: A raceday attendent brings us the binky on a Gator--apparently they could hear the crying at the mile 2 waterstop. L and I recite 'Little Blue Truck' from memory.

Mile 5: I start walking up the hills when I realize it has no effect on my pace..... L sings us Mary Has a Little Lamb which puts B to sleep.

Mile 6: L has to pee--we are on a trail on the side of a busy highway.... we go up into someone's yard and pee behind a bush, better him than me! L notices B is asleep so starts poking him until he wakes up and cries. A bout of 'he's touching me' ensues. Just as this happens, the 15k runners are passing us...super morale booster! 

Finish: We finished! I didn't even look at our time because I'm sure it was terrible, but who cares! We did it and it was an adventure. 

Post Race: The boys are ravenous (as if they hadn't just eaten enough snacks to feed a football team during the run). B sticks a half banana in his mouth whole, wipes what doesn't fit on my leg. L keeps trying to raid the snack table for more 'nacks'. B is throwing an apple all over because he thinks it is a ball. I guess we can have applesauce when he is done? I take this as our cue to leave...I'm pretty sure they won't be calling our names at the awards ceremony anyway =)
Chowing down bananas
B was super thirsty from his hard work